• Debunking Some Myths Surrounding Skin Cancer

    Although skin cancer can be potentially deadly, early detection would give you greater chances at beating it. However, not many people know much about skin cancer leading to numerous myths surrounding this illness. The better informed you are about this disease, the better your chances of not developing it in the first place. The following are some skin cancer myths debunked. Myth 1: Darker skin is immune to skin cancer
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  • Moles And Skin Cancer: Self-Examination Mistakes To Avoid

    Studies suggest that the average person with white skin has around 30 moles on their skin, but some people have hundreds of these markings. A mole is not normally harmful, and, in fact, scientists now believe that people with a lot of moles may actually age better than other people, but these skin markings can also increase the risk of skin cancer. Early detection of an anomaly can help people avoid dangerous conditions like skin cancer, but some people fail to take the right steps to self-examine their moles.
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